Common Roof Ventilation Problems and How to Fix Them

Proper roof ventilation is a vital part of the roof installation process. Inadequate ventilation can leave your roof at risk for severe damage that requires expensive repairs. Problems with your roof ventilation can also increase your overall energy costs and cause significant health risks.


Knowing whether your home is ventilated correctly is important. Still, most people don’t know the common signs that ventilation problems exist. Let’s take a look at typical home ventilation problems and how you’ll know when it’s time to call an Irvine roofer to inspect for help.


Signs and Causes of Roof Ventilation Problems


Signs of inadequate ventilation include:


  • A higher than average heating or electrical bill
  • Noticeable warping on your roofline or shingles
  • Water stains on the inside of your roof
  • The smell of mold or mildew
  • Worsening allergy problems for you or your family


If you notice any of these signs, you should call a local roofing company for help. Letting ventilation problems go can lead to severe issues for your home and your family.


What Happens When I Don’t Fix My Roof Ventilation Issues?


As hot air from poor ventilation gets stuck in your home, attic temperatures can rise to 150° or higher. This can cause several problems, including:


Moisture Buildup


Poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup in your attic. Excessive moisture is a significant problem for homeowners because it can deteriorate your entire roofing system. Moisture can also cause metal components of your property to rust. Plumbing, heating, and venting duct hardware can rust and break, causing other issues throughout your home. Roofer in Hemet.


Peeling Paint


As moisture becomes trapped in your home, your indoor and outdoor paint can peel or blister. While this isn’t the biggest concern with roof ventilation problems, it does cost you money for repairs.


Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures


As mentioned earlier, poor ventilation causes hot air to buildup in your attic. With nowhere to go, hot air can flow down into your living space. This doesn’t just make your home uncomfortably warm, but it can also result in overworked air conditioning systems and high energy bills.


Roof Damage


From the decking to the shingles, moisture buildup causes roof deterioration that requires costly repair. Rust can also form on roof nails and venting duct straps. Mold, algae, and fungus can begin to appear on your roofing materials and lead to decay. In severe cases, total roof replacement is necessary.


Unhealthy Bacterial Growth


Probably one of the worst things to imagine is how poor roof ventilation can impact your family’s health. In the winter months, moist warm air from your home rises to meet the cold air in your attic and creates condensation. As condensation drips, it turns to mold and can move through your living space. The growth of unhealthy bacteria in your home can lead to significant health problems, from triggering allergies to causing asthma in young children.


Get a Professional Inspection from a Reliable Irvine Roofer


If you notice signs of roof ventilation issues, it’s time to contact a local roofing company to fix the problem. The faster you act, the simpler the solutions. For quality, reliable service from a licensed roofer, Roofer In Chino today!


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