8 Different Types of Windows to Use When in Need of New Windows

When looking for a new home or remodeling the one you already own, a lot of people like to look at the windows. And in some cases, it is needed to remodel or even redo the windows that are already a part of the home. Knowing what you want and need in a window can be very important to making or breaking your home. In addition to adding style to your home, replacing your windows can help strengthen your home.

Here are 8 different types of windows to use when your home is in need of new windows.


Single Hung Windows

These types of windows open vertically from the bottom of the window by a panel that slides on the bottom while the upper panel stays stationary. These windows cost from $170 to $360 per each window.


Double Hung Windows

The double hung window is quite similar to the single hung window, but both the upper half and lower half of the window move and can be moved. These windows cost from $450 to $600 per each window.


Arched Windows

These types of windows have rounded tops and add quite a lot to the aesthetic and architectural design of the home. These windows are almost always used for improving the design of the home since they cannot be used for ventilation purposes. These windows cost from $325 to $500 per each window.


Awning Windows

These windows are best used in more rainy climates because it helps create a rain resistance area while also allowing the homeowner to create ventilation in the home during a storm. Typically, these windows cost from $420 to $760.


Bay Windows

These kinds of windows protrude from the wall into the exterior and create a small shelf kind of area in the home where the window is located. The installation of the window can cost anywhere from $1150 to $3550 while the windows each cost about $240 to $800.


Bow Windows

These windows are curved windows that create a circular shape on the outside of the home. Also, depending on how many windows are wanted by the homeowner, it can also create a larger/strong curve that is visible. These windows are anywhere from $1400 to $3800.


Casement Windows

These windows, in order to open, swing out or into the home. This allows the window to be made up of a solid sheet of glass to allow for a much less obstructed view from the window. These windows cost anywhere from $270 to $750.


Garden Windows

These kinds of windows are like tiny versions of bay windows. They are usually meant to contain plants because the design of the window gives the effect of a mini greenhouse. These kinds of windows cost about $1000 to $4000.

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