7 Common Plumbing Problems

Residential plumbing issues are inevitable, with most problems ranging in complexity. Most residential customers see minor issues such as dripping faucets or running toilets to more severe problems like sewer system backups and significant pipe leaks.


Unfortunately, severe problems cause significant property damage that cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Luckily, these issues can be handled effectively by a professional plumber. The key to reducing the impact of these problems is to be proactive with your repairs. To do so, you need to understand the common plumbing problems residential customers encounter. Let’s explore!


7 Common Plumbing Problems


Some of the most common plumbing problems include:


1.   Leaky Faucets


Dripping faucets are so common that you’ll hardly find someone who hasn’t dealt with them. While most faucet leaks are simply a nuisance, wasted water can increase your water bill and cost you money. Over a year, a single faucet can lead to hundreds of gallons of water waste. The most common cause of leaky faucets is internal washers that have become stiff, damaged, worn, or detached over time.


2.   Drainage Problems


The most common cause of drainage problems is a pipe blockage that restricts water flow. From food particles to hair, your drains can get clogged with a number of different substances that create a plumbing problem on your property. While some clogs can be easily removed, it’s best to call a professional plumber before significant clogs cause massive damage to your property.


3.   Leaky Toilet


Toilet leaks are another common issue property owners see. An internal leak in your toilet tank can be minor. However, if you don’t catch it, you’ll face severe issues. A toilet that is constantly running can waste hundreds of gallons of water every day. Worn-down rubber flappers are one of the most common causes of leaky toilets. While most toilet leaks aren’t an emergency, they should be checked by a professional plumber as soon as possible.


4.   Water Heater Issues


Water heaters are one of the most essential appliances in every home. When water heaters cannot deliver enough hot water, homeowners often face a plumbing emergency. System corrosion, sediment accumulation, improper water heater installation, and damaged electrical connections are common causes of water heater inefficiency.


5.   Worn Hose Bibb


A typical hose bibb needs to be replaced periodically. Because of the temperature fluctuation, the hose bibb will lose its integrity and break over time. As a result, your hose will begin to leak water, causing significant damage to your property. A leaking hose bibb can waste gallons of water without even being noticed. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your hose bibb regularly for signs of a problem.


6.   Low Water Pressure


Low water pressure is perhaps the most annoying plumber issue for residential properties. Issues with water pressure make bathing, cleaning dishes, and performing other everyday tasks a nuisance. In many cases, you can solve the issue with a showerhead or faucet replacement. Still, there are more severe causes of low water pressure, such as plumbing leaks, so you’ll need to have it checked immediately.


7.   Blocked Garbage Disposal


Residential garbage disposals are a piece of popular household equipment located beneath the kitchen sink, between the drain and trap. When you run garbage disposal without water or discard food items like potato peels and cornhusks your garbage disposal can get clogged. Whenever you have a garbage disposal issue, you should always call a professional plumber for repairs.


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