5 Most Popular Things to Pawn

Most people don’t stop to consider how much money they can get for their old belongings. Whether you’re doing a spring cleaning or looking for a new way to make extra money, you should consider bringing your valuables to a pawn shop before you get rid of them. So, what do pawn shops consider valuable?


In this article, we’ll cover the five most popular items people pawn. Let’s dive right in!


Most Popular Items to Pawn


The most popular items people pawn include:


1. Elecontrics


Have you recently upgraded your TV? Is it time for a cell phone upgrade? If you have old electronics you are no longer using, you should consider selling them to a pawn shop for extra cash. Like-new flat-screen TVs can bring a good amount of money from a reliable pawnshop. Even if you don’t need the extra cash, you can sell your old devices and put the money towards buying new electronics. Some of the most popular electronics people pawn include mobile phones, laptops, TVs, desktops, and kitchen appliances.


2. Musical Instruments


If you no longer play your musical instruments or you’ve upgraded, you can sell your old instruments to a local pawn shop. Your used guitars, drums, keywords, and bass could get you a good chunk of money.


3. Coins and Foreign Currency


Another easy way to get money is by selling old coins or foreign currency. Most pawnshop owners value coins and rare currencies. If you have gold, silver, or rare and foreign currency, bring them to a local pawnshop for a quote. There are many people out there who collect coins, especially when they are rare edition coins. You can help someone else complete their collection while making a little money for yourself.


4. Collectibles


Check through your basement, closet, or storage for old collectibles that might be worth money. If they’re sitting in a box anyway, they aren’t doing you any good! Rare, limited edition or historical items can get you a good amount of money at a local pawnshop. Did you know some collectibles are even worth $500 or more? So, make sure to check their market value before you head to the pawnshop.


5. Jewelry


Jewelry is a hot item at the pawnshop. From gold and silver to diamonds and other gems, you can get a good chunk of money by selling your unused jewelry at the local pawnshop. Before you get rid of your old jewelry or pass it along to someone else, check if it has any antique value. Gold and other gems are worth a lot of money. Again, be sure to check the market price before you head over to make an exchange.


In addition to these popular items, pawnshops accept designer pieces, handbags, power tools, and more! Why give away your belongings for free or throw them in the trash when you can easily make money with a quick trip to the pawnshop.

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