5 Split System Air Conditioners That Get the Job Done

When looking into air conditioners for your home, it is important to know what kind of system that you want. There are 2 main different kinds of systems: stand alone AC units and split system AC units. Stand alone units are systems like portable air conditioners, window air conditioners and more. Split system units are like central air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners and more. All air conditioners come at a range of styles, types, effectiveness, and price and it is up to the homeowner or purchaser of these units on what the need for their home or pace they are air conditioning.


Here are 5 split system air conditioners that get the job done.


  1. Central Air Conditioners

Almost all homes in the United States use a central air conditioner system to cool and heat their home during the different seasons. This duct based system is typically already installed in our home when it is built, but in some cases, these systems need to be replaced or repaired. These systems typically cost $4000 to $8000 depending on your contractor and the type of system that is purchased.


  1. Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

This type of split system air conditioner is much like the stand alone unit, but instead of having those ducts in the system, the ducts for air flow are in the walls of the home. There is a huge benefit to have this system instead of multiple, separate wall mounted stand alone. The split system unit can connect to one large generator and outdoor ventilator instead of the smaller ones inside. These systems range from $400 to $3000 in price depending one how many systems that are wanted to be mounted on the wall and the brand wanted.


  1. Floor Mounted Air Conditioners

The split system floor mounted air conditioning units are basically the exact same as the wall mounted, split system air conditioner systems. They are the same as the stand alone, floor mounted units, but use one generator for multiple units instead of multiple generators for multiple units. These systems also lie in the same price range as the wall mounted units.


  1. Ceiling Air Conditioners

These kinds of air conditioners are best used in office spaces. It is installed in the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. It uses a large duct and pipe system to move cool air throughout the building and space. These systems typically cost $1000 to $10000.


  1. Mini-Split System Ductless Air Conditioners

These systems are small, lost installation cost, extremely energy efficient units that are split system, portable air conditioners. These units are easy to set and use while easily cooling the home. There are many different kinds of systems like this, so it is easy to find the one that works for you. These systems typically cost $500 to $5000. If ever in need of a professional to instal or repair your HVAC systems, contant Rene’s Plumbing, Heating & AC for all of your Diamond Bar AC Company needs.


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