5 Key Details to Talk to Moving Companies Before Hiring

There are so many different moving agencies out in the market. Some agencies specialize in specific areas for moving, some are better at packing than transporting, and some don’t even have the right licensing to be doing what they are doing. It is a very interesting market. When moving homes, some people like to pack themselves and move their things on their own to make sure that they arrive without damage or mistakes, but in some cases, there is either a want or a need to hire movers to help keep the process smooth and moving along. Thankfully, when looking into hiring movers, you are able to ask these people questions to see if they have the right qualifications and licensing to do what you need them to do.


Here are 5 key details to talk to moving companies before hiring them.


  1. Does the company have liability insurance?

There are two main versions of insurance that every moving company should have: transit insurance and full liability insurance. Transit insurance only really covers when items are transported and moved from place to place. Liability insurance is when your goods are insured for all of them time they are in possession of the company. Having your goods insured 100 percent of the time will help make sure that your goods are moved safely and taken care of. If the company does not offer liability insurance, it is recommended to not use that company’s services.


  1. Is the company itself insured?

When moving your belongings, moving companies typically move them to warehouses and other places connected to their office space. Sometimes, depending on your time period of moving, your belongings are stored for a long time. It is very important to make sure that where your items are stored is properly insured in case something bad happens to the building. Knowing the building is insured can help bring a sense of security with your belongings. Hearing a company doesn’t have insurance for their company is very frightening and worrying for the safety of your things.


  1. Are subcontractors, if used, insured as well?

If this company is using subcontractors, it is important to know that the work they are doing is insured. If they were to damage and mess up your belongings, having their work insured will help make sure that they are moved without damage or breaking anything.


  1. How did the quote come about?

Knowing how the quote came about will help you understand their rates and how they decide those factors. Putting everything into writing with the quote can also help you understand everything and remove unexpected and unwanted costs.


  1. What are the terms of payment?

After knowing the quote, figuring out the terms of payment helps move the process along nicely. Getting those two steps help further the process even more to hiring the company you chose. If ever in need of a professional moving company, contact Redlands Moving for all of your Murrieta movers needs.


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